Echoes from the Deep…

Welcome to my nightmare….

My name is Sarah T. Walker and I am a writer and artist of dark subject matter, both fictional and non fictional.  I currently reside in the Pacific Northwest with my partner and a menagerie of animals who have been found here and there.  My art and my writing have been published in multiple places from the Lovecraft Ezine, to Audient Void, The Lovecraft Lunatic Asylum, and

I am working on a book right now on Ambrose Bierce and Strong Theory and I spend my free time doing anthropological studies of fear and horror writing. I will be posting various ramblings here along with weekly blogs on everything from trips to Mexico to what cereal we all should eat (Lucky Charms without question!) But mostly I will discuss fear and all that entails, from what it means to us and what it meant to our ancestors…

While you are here, feel free to share your thoughts on my posts, my stories, and my art. Feel free to message about commissions in the comment section or via private message. Enjoy 🙂

And remember, what you can’t see, can’t hurt you…right?


About SarahTWalkeR

Attempting to create via written word and image.
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